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5 Pieces of technology to support your Sales Team

As a Sales Director you may be left wondering what technology is at my disposal to support my growing Sales team and which is the best. It's often hard to know what is essential, what do I need now and what is an investment for the future. 

To help you, I have collated a list of the Top 5 essential pieces of technology you should consider to implement for your Sales team to:


  • Ramp up your new sales hires quicker
  • Improve sales conversion numbers
  • Improve rep productivity
  • Offer ongoing coaching and training
  • Improve employee engagement & retention rates 


1.) CRM is essential, this is a customer relationship management platform. A platform that houses all your customer contact details, as well as your sales team's interactions, monitoring activity and offering reporting tools. I recommend an easy to use plug & play with Hubspot and it's free HubSpot

2.) Team communication software like Slack or Google Hangout - an easy to use platform to keep the team connected to share wins, learns and insights

3.) Mobile coaching advice tool to support your team with live on the go coaching advice - empowering your Sales team with relevant, up-to-date and useful information.

4.) Document storage and sharing app like Docusign, dropbox, docscan - essential for today's busy Sales rep, enabling prospects to sign whenever, wherever and storing large doicuments & files

5.) Meeting tool app like Hubspot meetings tool HubSpot Meetings tool, Doodle, Calendly - all great for easily locking in that important meeting with a prospect 

A tech stack will be unique for every business, however the above tools are good guide on what a Sales rep in 2019 needs to get ahead, improve productivity and increase their Sales conversion numbers

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Bianca Stinson

Written by Bianca Stinson

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